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Dictionary Results for form

1. form - noun

· the phonological or orthographic sound or appearance of a word that can be used to describe or identify something; "the inflected forms of a word can be represented by a stem and a list of inflections to be attached"

Synonym(s): word_form, signifier, descriptor

Hypernym(s): word

2. form - noun

· a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality; "sculpture is a form of art"; "what kinds of desserts are there?"

Synonym(s): kind, sort, variety

Hypernym(s): category

3. form - noun

· a perceptual structure; "the composition presents problems for students of musical form"; "a visual pattern must include not only objects but the spaces between them"

Synonym(s): shape, pattern

Hypernym(s): structure

4. form - noun

· any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline); "he could barely make out their shapes"

Synonym(s): shape, configuration, contour, conformation

Hypernym(s): spatial_property, spatiality

5. form - noun

· alternative names for the body of a human being; "Leonardo studied the human body"; "he has a strong physique"; "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak"

Synonym(s): human_body, physical_body, material_body, soma, build, figure, physique, anatomy, shape, bod, chassis, frame, flesh

Hypernym(s): body, organic_structure

6. form - noun

· the spatial arrangement of something as distinct from its substance; "geometry is the mathematical science of shape"

Synonym(s): shape

Hypernym(s): attribute

7. form - noun

· the visual appearance of something or someone; "the delicate cast of his features"

Synonym(s): shape, cast

Hypernym(s): appearance, visual_aspect

8. form - noun

· a printed document with spaces in which to write; "he filled out his tax form"

Hypernym(s): document, written_document, papers

9. form - noun

· (biology) a group of organisms within a species that differ in trivial ways from similar groups; "a new strain of microorganisms"

Synonym(s): variant, strain, var.

Hypernym(s): taxonomic_group, taxonomic_category, taxon

10. form - noun

· an arrangement of the elements in a composition or discourse; "the essay was in the form of a dialogue"; "he first sketches the plot in outline form"

Hypernym(s): writing_style, literary_genre, genre

11. form - noun

· a particular mode in which something is manifested; "his resentment took the form of extreme hostility"

Hypernym(s): manner, mode, style, way, fashion

12. form - noun

· (physical chemistry) a distinct state of matter in a system; matter that is identical in chemical composition and physical state and separated from other material by the phase boundary; "the reaction occurs in the liquid phase of the system"

Synonym(s): phase

Hypernym(s): state_of_matter, state

13. form - noun

· a body of students who are taught together; "early morning classes are always sleepy"

Synonym(s): class, grade, course

Hypernym(s): gathering, assemblage

14. form - noun

· an ability to perform well; "he was at the top of his form"; "the team was off form last night"

Hypernym(s): ability

15. form - noun

· a life-size dummy used to display clothes

Synonym(s): mannequin, manikin, mannikin, manakin

Hypernym(s): dummy

16. form - noun

· a mold for setting concrete; "they built elaborate forms for pouring the foundation"

Hypernym(s): mold, mould, cast

17. form - verb

· create (as an entity); "social groups form everywhere"; "They formed a company"

Synonym(s): organize, organise

Hypernym(s): make, create

18. form - verb

· to compose or represent; "This wall forms the background of the stage setting"; "The branches made a roof"; "This makes a fine introduction"

Synonym(s): constitute, make

Hypernym(s): constitute, represent, make_up, comprise, be

19. form - verb

· develop into a distinctive entity; "our plans began to take shape"

Synonym(s): take_form, take_shape, spring

Hypernym(s): become

20. form - verb

· give shape or form to; "shape the dough"; "form the young child's character"

Synonym(s): shape

Hypernym(s): change, alter, modify

21. form - verb

· make something, usually for a specific function; "She molded the rice balls carefully"; "Form cylinders from the dough"; "shape a figure"; "Work the metal into a sword"

Synonym(s): shape, work, mold, mould, forge

Hypernym(s): create_from_raw_material, create_from_raw_stuff

22. form - verb

· establish or impress firmly in the mind; "We imprint our ideas onto our children"

Synonym(s): imprint

Hypernym(s): influence, act_upon, work

23. form - verb

· assume a form or shape; "the water formed little beads"

Hypernym(s): change

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