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Dictionary Results for coming

1. coming - noun

· the act of drawing spatially closer to something; "the hunter's approach scattered the geese"

Synonym(s): approach, approaching

Hypernym(s): motion, movement, move

2. coming - noun

· arrival that has been awaited (especially of something momentous); "the advent of the computer"

Synonym(s): advent

Hypernym(s): arrival, reaching

3. coming - noun

· the temporal property of becoming nearer in time; "the approach of winter"

Synonym(s): approach, approaching

Hypernym(s): timing

4. coming - noun

· the moment of most intense pleasure in sexual intercourse

Synonym(s): orgasm, climax, sexual_climax

Hypernym(s): consummation

5. come - verb

· move toward, travel toward something or somebody or approach something or somebody; "He came singing down the road"; "Come with me to the Casbah"; "come down here!"; "come out of the closet!"; "come into the room"

Synonym(s): come_up

Hypernym(s): travel, go, move, locomote

Antonym(s): go

6. come - verb

· reach a destination; arrive by movement or progress; "She arrived home at 7 o'clock"; "She didn't get to Chicago until after midnight"

Synonym(s): arrive, get

7. come - verb

· come to pass; arrive, as in due course; "The first success came three days later"; "It came as a shock"; "Dawn comes early in June"

Hypernym(s): happen, hap, go_on, pass_off, occur, pass, fall_out, come_about, take_place

8. come - verb

· reach or enter a state, relation, condition, use, or position; "The water came to a boil"; "We came to understand the true meaning of life"; "Their anger came to a boil"; "I came to realize the true meaning of life"; "The shoes came untied"; "come into contact with a terrorist group"; "his face went red"; "your wish will come true"

Hypernym(s): change

9. come - verb

· to be the product or result; "Melons come from a vine"; "Understanding comes from experience"

Synonym(s): follow

Hypernym(s): originate, arise, rise, develop, uprise, spring_up, grow

10. come - verb

· be found or available; "These shoes come in three colors; The furniture comes unassembled"

Hypernym(s): exist, be

11. come - verb

· come forth; "A scream came from the woman's mouth"; "His breath came hard"

Synonym(s): issue_forth

12. come - verb

· be a native of; "She hails from Kalamazoo"

Synonym(s): hail

Hypernym(s): be

13. come - verb

· extend or reach; "The water came up to my waist"; "The sleeves come to your knuckles"

Hypernym(s): run, go, pass, lead, extend

14. come - verb

· exist or occur in a certain point in a series; "Next came the student from France"

Hypernym(s): be

15. come - verb

· cover a certain distance; "She came a long way"

Hypernym(s): travel, go, move, locomote

16. come - verb

· come under, be classified or included; "fall into a category"; "This comes under a new heading"

Synonym(s): fall

Hypernym(s): be

17. come - verb

· happen as a result; "Nothing good will come of this"

Hypernym(s): result, ensue

18. come - verb

· add up in number or quantity; "The bills amounted to $2,000"; "The bill came to $2,000"

Synonym(s): total, number, add_up, amount

Hypernym(s): be

19. come - verb

· develop into; "This idea will never amount to anything"; "nothing came of his grandiose plans"

Synonym(s): add_up, amount

Hypernym(s): become, turn

20. come - verb

· be received; "News came in of the massacre in Rwanda"

Synonym(s): come_in

Hypernym(s): arrive, get, come

21. come - verb

· come to one's mind; suggest itself; "It occurred to me that we should hire another secretary"; "A great idea then came to her"

Synonym(s): occur

Hypernym(s): become

22. come - verb

· come from; be connected by a relationship of blood, for example; "She was descended from an old Italian noble family"; "he comes from humble origins"

Synonym(s): derive, descend

23. come - verb

· proceed or get along; "How is she doing in her new job?"; "How are you making out in graduate school?"; "He's come a long way"

Synonym(s): do, fare, make_out, get_along

Hypernym(s): proceed, go

24. come - verb

· experience orgasm; "she could not come because she was too upset"

Hypernym(s): experience, see, go_through

25. come - verb

· have a certain priority; "My family comes first"

Hypernym(s): rank

26. coming - adjective

· of the relatively near future; "the approaching election"; "this coming Thursday"; "the forthcoming holidays"; "the upcoming spring fashions"

Synonym(s): approaching, forthcoming, upcoming

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